The winners of the 10th year were officially gifted

The winners of the 10th year of the Cemach project were awarded at the residence of the ambassador of the State of Israel. From the hands of the president of ČISOK Pavel Smutný and the Israeli ambassador Anna Azari, the material prizes for the tenth jubilee year were accepted by its winners, who were involved in the creation and development of the follow-up Gesher project for university students. Accompanied by the music of singer Lukáš Gruner, the following received the award:

Barbora Vlasáková – for the visual work “Motion”, Kladno

Marie Eršilová – for the art work “Morning Israel”, SUPŠ Hradec Králové

Anna Tůmová – for the art work “Wall of Hope”, SUPŠ Žižkov

Barbora Novotná – for the literary work Journey to Self-Knowledge, Czech-English grammar school in České Budějovice

Vojtěch Hladík – for the literary work Desert that gives birth to miracles, Czech-English grammar school in České Budějovice

Lenka Hejdová – for the digital rendering of the rock dome, SPŠ Strakonice

Matěj Rychnovský – for the digital guide to Israel – website, Gymnázium Dašická – Pardubice

Hang Pham Thu – for the digital processing of the guide to Israel – video

Congratulations to all the winners and other places and we look forward to next year!